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Mediations/ Neutral Third Party Evaluations/Facilitations

Full Day - $3,500.00

Half Day - $2,200.00

These fees are based on a full day mediation/third party neutral evaluation consisting of 6 hours and a half day of 3 hours. They include 3 hours of preparation for a full day conference and 1 ½ hours of preparation for a half day conference, as well as consultation and administration, along with traveling time within the City of Ottawa. Facilities costs, when required, are in addition to the above fees.

Travel outside the City of Ottawa, actual travel costs are in addition to the above fees.

GST will be charged in addition to all fees when required by law.

Cancellation Policy

If a mediation is cancelled or postponed at the request of any party for any reason, all fees and disbursements incurred to that point shall be paid by the party requesting the cancellation or postponement. If cancellation or rescheduling occurs within ten (10) business days of the originally planned date for the event, a cancellation fee of $500 in addition to all disbursements incurred to that point will be charged.


Accounts are normally divided equally among the parties and are addressed to the lawyers representing the parties. Alternative arrangements may be made. All accounts are due and payable when rendered. Overdue accounts bear interest at 10% per annum calculated and payable monthly.